In 2015, impacted by economic slowing down and structural adjustment, China’s steel scrap industry, like the steel industry, had gone through a rough patch, witnessing declining demand, plunging prices, and growing losses. Looking forward, with the implementation of a “greener” new Five-Year Plan, with the deepened execution of the new environmental protection law, with the establishment of the carbon trading system, with the newly announced tax cut gradully taking effect, and with the overall steel stock reaching soon 10 billion metric tons, China’s steel scrap use is poised to grow at an unprecedented pace.
Now in its 9th session, China Int'l Metal Recycling Conference 2016 remains as the focal point for the Chinese ferrous & non ferrous scrap community and attracts industry-insiders from around the globe to discuss issues impacting the industry. The two day conference is expected to attract over 500 top executives from all sides of the market. Whether you are a scrap recycler, a trader, a steel mill or an equipment provider this event will put you right in touch with the very latest information at a conference with unrivalled networking opportunities.
The 9th China Int'l Metal Recycling Conference 2016, a "must attend" event for the metal recycling industry, will be held at a crucial time as the sector ponders the outlook for 2016 and beyond. Mark your calendar and plan your participation now for the 9th China Int’l Metal Recycling Conference 2016. 

Delegates breakdown by profession for 8th China Int'l Metal Recycling Conference


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