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  In 2020, facing the huge impact of COVID-19 pandemic and the complex and severe domestic and international environment, facing the multiple pressures of the industrial chain supply chain and the global steel market weakness, China iron and steel industry actively launched the "double line response", which took the lead in restoring and maintaining a stable operation situation. The crude steel output in 2020 topped 1 billion tons. It provides an important raw material support for the resumption of work and production of downstream industries and the recovery of national economy. In 2020, China's scrap resources was 260 million tons. The scrap consumption in steel making was 232 million tons, accounting for 88% of the total resources; the comprehensive scrap ratio was 21.85%, and the EAF steel ratio was 10.37%.

  2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, which is an important period for China to vigorously promote new industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization and greening. With the introduction of a series of relevant policies and system improvement, such as capacity replacement, import of recycled steel raw materials, carbon peak, carbon neutralization, the steel scrap industry has ushered in more opportunities and challenges. We shall need to take this great opportunity to adhere to reform and innovation, speed up industrial upgrading, establish a new pattern of integrated development of China's steel scrap industry, and to promote ultra-low emission and high-quality development of the iron and steel industry.

  Since its establishment in 2003, China International Metal Recycling Conference have been held for 12 successful sessions. The conference is an important platform for international exchanges and cooperation and further promoting the upgrading of metal recycling sector, pushing forward the development of ferrous and nonferrous metal recycling and utilization, advocating low carbon and green development concept.

  The 13th China International Metal Recycling Conference will invite distinguished leaders and experts from industrial organizations, domestic and international steel companies, steel scrap and nonferrous metal scrap recycling companies, trading companies, steel and nonferrous metal producers, technology and equipment suppliers, financial institutions, consultncy and research institutes, to have in depth discussions on the market trend of steel scrap and nonferrous metal scrap industries, as well as the processing and application technical advancement. The conference will also touch upon new opportunities and challenges faced by the steel scrap sector to discuss further development of the metal recycling industry.

  Now in its 13th session, China Int'l Metal Recycling Conference 2021 remains as the focal point for the Chinese ferrous & non ferrous scrap community and attracts industry-insiders from around the globe to discuss issues impacting the industry. The two day conference is expected to attract over 500 top executives from all sides of the market. Whether you are a scrap recycler, a trader, a steel mill or an equipment provider, this event will put you right in touch with the very latest information at a conference with unrivalled networking opportunities.

  Mark your calendar and plan your participation now for the 13th China Int’l Metal Recycling Conference 2021.

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  13th China Int’l Metal Recycling Conference 2021 shall cover the following topics:

  The analysis on the steel industry and demand of steel scrap in China;

  The current situation and development trend of the steel scrap industry in China;

  The development of technical processes and equipment for the treatment of steel scraps and metallurgical slag;

  The market situation and development outlook for direct reduction iron technologies;

  The steel scrap futures and product standards of the steel scrap industry;

  The development of the big data information bank of the steel scrap industry and the e-business trading platform;

  The analysis on the nonferrous metal industry development and nonferrous metal scrap demand;

  The study on the development of ELV dismantling and commercialization of steel scrap processing;

  The development of the steel industry in the major markets of the world and the steel scrap demand;

  The changes and thoughts on the world major secondary metal resource markets;

  Scrap situation in foreign market and related import process;and more…

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